Welcome to Rena Bobena

Hello and thank you for stopping by.  I am Rena Lavoie, the owner and designer of an up-cycled textile company, Rena Bobena Designs. I incorporate fun, fashion and fit out of recycled materials to create unique bohemian style items for your home and wardrobe. I struggled to come up with a name for my business and remembered one of my childhood nicknames, of course, Rena Bobena Banana Fo Fena ......  and it stuck!  I have been knitting and designing for as long as I can remember. At the age of 8, I learned  from my mother and  an older friend in the beautiful Northern Ontario community of Temagami. I spent one evening a week with her, fascinated by her doilies and things around her home. It was the start to a life time of being around yarn and fabric. During my 20's, I made approximately 35 coats and sweaters and thought of going into business at that time.  Instead, I  pursued my career as a Speech Language Pathologist, which I have done for many years.  I have loved being with people and supporting their life goals following a traumatic  brain injury.  Beginning in 2015, I began dabbling in the creative process again and took two separate week long courses in rug and clothing making from Ms Crispina ffrench, the originator of this upcycled design process, in Pittsfield Massachusetts.  This  re- ignited  my interest in running with Rena Bobena full time. Check out her studio for a little inspiration!! When I am designing, I am fully present and feel I have found my life purpose and have complete passion for this art.  I have created a few pieces that are my "go to" when I want to surround myself with fabrics that feel incredible. I wear these items as much as I can as I  love to be surrounded by my favourite colours and textures.

Visit me on Facebook and stay tuned regarding upcoming events and contests.  By recycling clothing, we can together help to reduce the carbon footprint by reducing water consumption and methane gas emissions, one piece of clothing at a time.